welcome HOME säde


A year just flew by. Now I'm back at our summerhouse unpacking my stuffs which I chose to be my life the next months a year ago. Feels weird to be back. Kinda feels like I never even left. Everything is so familiar and not too many changes anywhere. But I'm not saying that I hate to be back. It's great to be back but I'm just exactly at the same point I was when I left, still not a single idea what to do next. But I will figure it out as always.

My last weeks in Australia were amazing. Spent like 3 weeks in Byron, around week and a half at Brisi, few days in Sydney and the last night at Melb. I met bunch of new great people, which I can call really good friends of mine now. I also was able to see two of my favorite people I met before. 

Some people says that you meet great people, make good memories and then you say that can't wait you to come to visit me in my home country aaand it never happens. Sometimes it might be true. 

But in my case it's not gonna be true. I have made a promise. And I'm not a person who brakes promises. I'm gonna visit my beautiful, lovely human beings. I wouldn't be able to just let go of them and not to spend some great time again. Same thing that with my friends here in Finland. Couldn't ever just say them goodbye forever.

My year has been amazing. There were a lot of highs and lows. As you might know already if you've been reading my posts from the beginning. 

But just a small recap. I got robbed at New Years eve, basically they took my iPhone and wallet. Three months later at April fools day, I dropped my new iPhone in the ocean in Cairns. After that I was so damn stressed cause I didn't find a job and I had only few days time to find one. Otherwise I could not have been able to change my flight to Finland and I felt like I'm not meant to go back to home yet.

And then I found the farm and the best days of my life started. The best, yup. Well, when I think those days now, without them I wouldn't be here right now. I wouldn't have been able to make those memories within the days and after them. It was meant to go like that. Now I have plenty of more heart warming people, memories, places and things that I can enjoy.

There are always days when you are struggling. There is not a single life that is always perfect even tho for the outsiders of their life it may seem like it.

But the problems might be with anything. Then you just have to let your loved ones to help you. You have to relax and still keep enjoying cause usually those moments leads you towards more beautiful time of your life. Do things that makes you happy and spend time with people who makes you to feel great. 

We have strong human minds and we can do miracles. There is always better days coming even tho you think you are on the bottom or already living your best life. But the life just keeps getting better and better. You just have to set your mind to think that way. Be brave.

thank you to everyone who made my year to be amazing and will make my next years amazing as well!!!

my oz diaries are closed for now. byyyyyye!!


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