life is GOOD


Life is good. That's how I feel. It may not always seem like it, but it is. (especially when you on holiday) I just love my life right now. Totally stress free and I can do one of those things that I love; travel!! Explore the world. Going in beautiful places, experience new things, growing as a human.

I don't know do I afraid anything anymore. Okay, maybe something. Snakes for example. I just hope that I won't see them here. I've also always been scared of spiders but I've seen couple of poisonous ones in here and I haven't start screaming. Okay maybe cause they were on their nets and didn't move. But anyways I have became much more brave and confident on my time in Oz. 

Today I got a feeling that I just wanna write a lil bit English for you guys. Maybe cause my parents are now here and I use mostly Finnish for communicating so English in my brains just needs to get out somehow xD 

I probably write a lot of mistakes but I don't care. No one is perfect and if that is too much for you to handle, then stop reading. Not my prob.

I have been in five places after Sydney and I'm just gonna write a little bit of every single place with pics and maybe give some tips and tell you guys my favorite spots and must do and visits that I know and did.

- woolgoolga spot x - 06.02.-08.02.2018 - surf camp -

In spot X I tried surfing for the first time! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I loved it. At first we were training paddling and standing up on the beach and maybe after 30 mins we took our boards and headed in to the water and right after we tried to stand up and surf.

I managed to stand up couple of times on my very first surf lesson and that feeling was just amazing. I smiled and laughed all the time even though there was sand and water in every single place.

I had only two surf lessons on that camp but it was enough to learn the basics. Food was included, which I think was quite nice and veggie options wasn't bad. MojoSurf was hosting the camp and the staff was nice! I enjoyed my time in there. I recommend that camp!

- byron bay - 08.02.-21.02.2018 - staying at holiday village - 

I spent couple of weeks in Byron and I didn't regret at all that I was so 'long' time in there. I loved the vibe. People were chilled and relaxed and the weather was lovely the most of the days. I also met amazing people.

Sunrise hike to a lighthouse was worth it. I went there with one of my roomie and we woke up around 4.20 in the morning. The hike was about 1,5 hour long. It was funny when you went there, it was totally dark and stars were shining above you and when we came back, the sun was shining from the cloudless sky. But the sunrise was beautiful. I liked it.

I also went couple of BBQ's from my hostel. It was only $10 for all you can eat and entry to a club later on. The food was nice.

One evening I and my friends went to a silent disco on he beach. It was cool and I liked to dance on the beach cause it didn't get so hot and you could also change your music through three different channels so I found a great song every single time. It was $10 for the headphones till midnight. 

After that we were feeling so hungry and fancied pizza. We wanted $5 pizza from dominos and headed there. It was closed already and we had fake mental breakdown in front of the closed door. One guy noticed us and showed with his finger that wait a second. After few secs he came to us carrying 11 pizzas and we got them for FREE!!! That was best day of our lives. I think I ate four of them xD just lil hungry...

Some day running led me to cool places and I have plenty of great pictures. It was a lil sad to leave Byron behind but I can always go back someday.

- surfers paradise - 21.02.-24.02.2018 - staying at bunk hostel - 

I don't have a lot to tell about Surfers Paradise. I was there so short time and every single day it was raining so I couldn't even go to the beach or swimming or see that city in a sunlight.

I liked the hostel I was staying and also met some of my friends there. I was chilling around the pool almost right after I got there but it was quite cold. Only +23 degrees or something.

The arts festival was still on when I was there so I was able to see some sculptures made of sand. Those were cool.

That is pretty much all I can tell you about my stay at Surfers Paradise but still I haven't told the most important thing yet. I found a really nice dress from adidas (of course cuz #everydayadiday) and also lovelylovely shoes by NIKE!

- brisbane - 24.02.-25.02.2018 - staying at nomads -

I got one free night at Nomads Brisbane when I was booking stuff for my east coast trip so I thought to use it before my mum and dad got here and then I surprised them at the airport in the morning. 

I told them that I'm gonna be in Brisbane on 25th around 11am and they flight was there 6.10 am.

On that day I only went eating and took a shower and watched a movie.

- brisbane - 25.02.-28.02.2018 - staying at best western gregory terrace - 

I took a train to airport and waited about an hour and then my mum and dad just walked past me and I had to run to catch them! xD but my surprise was successful.

Then we got our car and my luggage from nomads and tried to chill around our hotel cause check in was at 2 pm and the room wasn't ready earlier. Then at 2 we took a lil nap and went for a dinner.

We went to a wheel of Brisbane, hired city bikes for a day, went to a botanical gardens, made lil bit shopping and took a free ferry when city lights were already on and it was beautiful!

City pools were also nice to visit during those warm days.

- noosa - 28.02.--> - staying at airbnb - 

So far Noosa looks beautiful and is one of my favorite spots with Melbourne and Byron Bay. Aaaaaand I also love our home in here. This is so nice and we have a nice view from the balcony as well. 

My dad had a birthday yesterday and I made some breakfast for us and baked a some sort of cake without recipe or mixer. Dad and mum liked it so that's all I needed.

I'm just gonna tell something we have done or visit so far and then later on the rest, but so far we have been chilling at the main beach, went a lil hike to a fairy pools and today we went to Eumundi markets in the morning.

I am also lil sick right now.. My throat started to hurt already in Brisbane and today I was feeling so tired and at some point at the market area I thought that I'm gonna faint when all of that heat was killing me with this illness but I hope that I'm gonna be better tomorrow!

thanks for reading my blog! :)

this time I wrote in English, hope you don't mind

next time could be Finnish. or English. or both. who knows.

- säde -