every day PICKING day


So I changed my flight and I am not in Finland waiting for the summer to come. Where I am then? Obviously still in Oz, enjoying autumn and waiting for the winter. But about enjoying, well I'm not so sure about that is my life so enjoyable right now. 

I found a farm, which is great. Now I can start to get my 88 days and then at some point I can have my another year in this country by working and traveling. Still so much to see that I decided that 2nd year visa I AM COMING!!

Then about this job... How to describe this beautiful, easy and fun work that I'm doing? I wouldn't use exactly those words for that. This is not nice. This is hard work. Everyday is a new battle against the trees.

My hands looks like 100 cats attacked me. Everyday I almost fall with my ladder. My neck has weird pimples and cuts. Pay is pretty bad. My wrists are in pain. My shoes are full of rotten fruits. My clothes are full of holes. My legs are covered by bruises but at least my fruits are beautiful and shiny after this all I am doing for them. 

I am picking quinces. How many knows wtf is that? I guess not so many cuz I definitely didn't have a glue what was that but now I know more than enough. The fruit tastes bad, it is so hard and slow to pick so I hate it. All you need to know about quinces; don't buy them. 

How I find myself in a quince farm even without knowing what was that? Well I guess it was a trick from a farmer. I sign myself to picking apples which I actually did one day, But it was kinda by a mistake cuz I kinda arrived 500 m in the wrong place at the beginning but I would love to be picking those granny smiths now, but what the manager says, you do.

Apples weren't so bad. Quinces are. Also there are knee long grass and we should be able to move the ladder easily but it gets stuck in the grass and it takes always ages to move them. And you have to move them a lot cuz there's one quince there and one over there... And we have to pick every single quince or otherwise someone says goodbye to us.

Dunno would it be so bad tho haha. But sometimes when I am lack of motivation (most of the time) and those fruits are in so hard places and no one sees, I just shake my tree and when I am lucky, they drop off from the tree and then they goes to a juice bin. Which is not too bad. Someone just might wonder why our rubbish (aka juice) bin is always so full. 

And we need to pick also almost every fruit from that knee long grass (where u can't see if it's snake or a stick) and put that in the juice bin. But if it is rotten,  we just need to throw them in the middle of our rows.

About 8 hours of work. Every. Single. Day. Rainy days are exception but it rained first time in this season last Friday so not so many rainy days coming I guess.

Then to the brighter side of this experience. I can get my 2nd year and I don't need to do the same then. I can get my lost muscles back. Ii can spent the whole day outside. I can live healthier life cuz I don't eat a bag of chips everyday cuz nearest grocery store is 40 mins walk away and I visit the town pretty much once a week. (been here only a week and been there twice already xD) Also when I leave this place, I probably can appreciate everything. Depending of course what is gonna be my next stop by anyways u got the point.

Still could be worse tho. Heard a lot of worse situations and experiences so I guess this is kinda ok. And if someone ever says that I am too lazy or I don't really know what hard work is, I can say that yo I know what work is. I can be lazy for a reason. I know.

hope so you enjoy reading my blog! :)

have a great day!