better DAYS are coming


A lot has been happened in last days, in last month. Or maybe not that much. Days are kinda similar but I got out of Kyabram last week. I finished picking quinces over there. Pretty proud of myself that I stick to my butt and really just stayed there. Well, I kinda didn't have any choice tho.

After quinces we had two days apple picking from the tiniest trees in the world. And the fruits were full of disgusting bugs and everything. So it was extremely hard to try to fill up a bin.

That ended and we asked is there any job for us anymore. It took 5 days to tell us that yeah there is something you could try at least. By that time I applied every single farm job that I found. I called a lot of farms and nothing.

It was frustrating. But then one of the managers said to us that come to see us in the shed in the morning. We were so scared. We didn't know what to expect.  But they told that we could try some sort of pruning. We were so grateful and happy and then came the time later on that day when we started working. The pay was $1/tree. Ridiculous? Yup. But before trying we thought we can earn a lot of money. That changed quickly when the first tree took 20 mins.

We got back to our 'house' and I checked emails as usual and blingbling there was a reply from one job I applied earlier on that day and I called them immediately and asked can my friend also come. She said yes!!

That excitement that we had was unbelievable. We finally would have change to get out of that place. We left the next day. It took around 7 hours to get here by bus. Now I am in Merbein.

First week is gone and well hmm dunno tho. What to say? First two days I worked here was clipping. There was a plastic clip that we needed to insert in a wire and then click it to a pipe. Six of them post to post. Around $15 per row which were so damn long. That wire was around 40 cm from the ground so the job was basically ruining your back and getting blisters in fingers. I. Was. So. Happy. About. My. New. Job.

Well it ended pretty quickly and all the girls got a new hourly paid job!! Woopwoop. And we are kinda pruning vines. So we are cutting everything which is bad and then rolling the good ones in to a wire. It is okayish even tho it hurts my neck and back cause I'm not that tall but it is hourly paid so I don't wanna complain that much.

But there are still things that I can complain about haha. So the new vine pruning thing started on Tuesday. We also worked in Wednesday and Thursday. It was raining on Friday so that's why we didn't work on Sat either cause the ground was still too wet. Sunday is off in my farm. Always. Today Victoria is celebrating Queen Elisabeth's birthday so it's public holiday and my farm is not working on public holidays. There is also massive thunderstorm going on at the moment so prob the sand is gonna be wet tomorrow and we are not working tomorrow either which means no money no days for a visa which means waisting time waisting money. G.R.E.A.T.

Still tryna remind me that better days are coming. For sure. Positive attitude. Yup. Better days are coming. I know that.

EDIT after couple of hours after writing everything above:

Got a new job again! Going back to a piece rate tho but one of my roomie is working in that factory and he said it is possible to make more money that I can do with my hourly paid job now and it's a factory so it doesn't matter if it rains and they are also working on Sundays so I can get my days faster and more money which sounds really good for now!

hope so you enjoy reading my blog!

have a great day and remember better days are always coming! :)