back in ma oz HOME hoodz


Eventually I made it up to Cairns on 30th of March and I stayed there about one and half weeks. The hostel I stayed was Mad Monkey at Sheridan St and I truly enjoyed my time there. 

Free wifi everywhere and all the time for everyone, great free brekkie with pancakes, yoghurt, different cereals, fresh fruits, bread and beans. That was definitely best free hostel breakfast I've seen so far. Also it was served till 11am which was great cause getting up before 10 is a struggle for me. haha

In Cairns then I went snorkeling and scuba diving in Great Barrier reef and it was so AMAZING!!! All of the colors and fishes and everything. I also saw a shark while snorkeling and nemo while diving.

I had a day trip to Cape Tribulation and I liked it a lot. Walking in a rainforest, swimming in a pure clean river and watching the sunset at Port Douglas with new friends. 

ANNNND I DID MY VERY FIRST SKYDIVE @ mission beach!!! It felt so cool to jump (well, drop) out of the plane and just fly! 'put your legs out of the plaane!' and 2 second later you are above the clouds and thinking what did I just do. Not gonna be my last time I hope.

Cairns was also bit stressing cuz I tried to find a job every day and tried to think what to do next cause 2 month kinda planned east coast holiday came to its end in Cairns.

1st of April AKA April fools day was pretty cool day tho. Okay not so cool. Let's say interesting and that day wasn't my day. Not at all. Wanna hear the reason? Well the reason is that on that day somehow (still wandering how did that happen) I dropped my iPhone in to the damn ocean... I was eating near the sea and my hand just decided not to hold on anymore and splash I saw how my phone drowned in to the bottom of the ocean. How beautiful story was that?!?

So now I am fighting with lovely $60 optus 'phone' which I bought 1st of Jan when my another iPhone got stolen... If anyone has a spare phone, plz I am really interested!

Still got some photos that my friends has taken on their phones or some *high quality photos taken by my phone* so this post is not about to be without pictures of me.

And like the heading says I am back in my Aussie home hoods which is Melbourne!! Decision to come back here was really spontaneous and then I just booked a flight. I also was thinking that I will find a work in Melb easily cuz I already did it once so why not twice. Well wasn't that simple. Have been over an week here now and no one wants to hire me... Now I have literally one week time to find a job or otherwise Finlaaaand is my next stop.

So I have kinda two weeks left in Oz cause I have flight back home on 3rd of May and I can change it but minimum is a week before so let's see how it goes. Of course I would be happy to go back to Finland but still this might be my last change ever to be in Australia to travel and work here.

I'm living in CBD this time and I love this so much! I also loved St Kilda but CBD is also great place. Everything is so close or if it's not, it's so easy to hop on a tram and go.

Yesterday I went to a zoo and I saw elephants for the first time in my life!! They were so interesting and cool animalsl! Also went bowling after and that's one thing I like a lot! Especially when I win. :)

thanks for reading ma blog!

have a nice daaay :)