88 days DONE and gone


FINALLY THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!!! And so crazy that now it feels the farm days went so fast even tho while doing them it felt like a half a year. It's been a week now since I did my last day and I couldn't be anything but happy. 

Last time I wrote when I had my 15th day in a row without a day off. Funny how horrible it felt but it was just a beginning. Well that ended on a day 18. We got a one day off. Then our new row started. That. Was. Insane. We worked 23 and every day 9 to 12 hours. Imagine that. About 10 hours a day 7 days a week. Crazy. Just lost the meaning of the day off. Free time lost meaning too cause I didn't have it basically. 

I was extremely tired always after work and took a shower and usually just went to sleep straight away. Well then we got a day off and after that I only had 4 days to go so I knew that freedom comes soon. Even tho just one day off didn't help anything when you been working like crazy. 

We broke many records in GT's. Longest days, biggest amount of boxes and bins. Kinda felt good to break some records and work in those times. We also got some food always after a long days. That was nice tho. Don't mind the free pizza.

I got many memories and friends from my 88 days that I can think in the future, good and bad but after all I'm glad I decided to do my farm work and now I am able to be in Aus another year! :) gonna come back tho.

I left OBF (one big family AKA the working hostel I was) on Monday and took the night bus to Melb. Went straight away to an apple store to buy a new iPhone haha. Felt soo good to get Melb again!! My city, my home. But I was there only a day and on Tuesday morning I jump on the plane and headed back to a beautiful Byron bay! Loving this place too so much. And  this hostel I'm staying rn is so cool and clean. Prob the best hostel so far I've been!!

Traveling and holidays are definitely my things. I have about a month left in Oz for now and theeeen my next country is gonna be Fiiinlaaaaand. Wow. Feels so so so crazy. I'm excited and lil nervous cause I have no idea what I'm gonna do back there. Maybe work and travel haha. But it's gonna be lovely to see my fam and friends after a year.

I'm also lil scared to drive back in there. So used to the traffic in here that it feels everyone in Finland are driving on the wrong side of the road! But I guess I'm gonna get used to it pretty fast. i hope.

Enjoy the photooos!!

have a good one!