15th day in a ROW


What else could this blogpost be than writing and complaining about farm work? Nothing else. Yup. Nothing else. 

Like I told you at my last post that I got a new job, that's right. I got it. Been there about 3-4 weeks now and the place is packing oranges at the moment.

I was packing them on my first day but maybe I was too slow or they just thought I could be better in sorting or something but I'm the orange sorter. BOOM. What a great title and a great add to my resume. Gonna get any job I want in the future with that one. Yay.

Sometimes I like it. Sometimes it is extremely boring. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes my eyes can't handle that rolling. Sometimes my hands feels so weak to lift them. Sometimes my neck burns from the pain. Sometimes I am freezing. Sometimes I am sweating so much. Sometimes I almost throw up cause of the smell of wax mixed with rotten oranges. Sometimes I think my future. Sometimes I get smile on my face while thinking my great memories. Sometimes I think meaning of life and why I am doing 88 days.

Too many times a word sometimes. Did someone even read the whole sometimes section? Congratulation if you did. Give yourself a tiny applause.

Today was my 15th day in a row of working, sorting. Without a day off. Feeling pretty exhausted. So tired. Getting out of bed gets worse every morning. And when the day starts, I just wish its end so bad and the moment I can think I have another day done and one day less to go.

At the moment I have 30 days to go. Woopwoop. It feels like I've been working 100 days tho. But 30 days!?!? About a month and I am out of here!! I need a holiday so bad. And a day off. 

Like really. This is crazy. Too crazy. 2 weeks was a lot. Doesn't seem it's raining on this week either so might be 3 weeks in a row, maybe 4?! Who knows but I can't do this much longer. Eats my human body. I just work, eat and sleep. Like cone heads times haha. But at least I had days off back then.

But even tho I complain so much about this work and 88 days and everything, after all I made that decision to do those days. I decided that I can. And I am definitely not gonna give up or anything. I knew that it's not gonna be the easiest job in the world but 58 done which sounds pretty good. Some people did their first day today. 

And before I end this post I'm gonna tell you a lil bit what the sorting is and the whole orange process thing. 

So basically there are pickers who obviously pick the oranges and what they picked for example today, we pack tomorrow. Okay, then they comes to the shed and then let the story begin.

First they goes to 2 sorters which are trying to take most of the leaves and most of the rubbish out. Then the oranges are rolling through the wash. After that they keep rolling and gets waxed. After waxing millions of oranges keeps rolling under my eyes almost continuously. There are few types of sorting. Depending where I should be concentrating the most.

Sometimes there are a lot of wrinkles on the oranges and they are very soft. In those times I need to concentrate on them and they goes to a rubbish bin. Then I am lifting them to a line above the line they rolling. Also I need to be careful with them cause if they're not soft, they goes to second class.

So my other concentration is the second class. Fruits that are a lil bit ugly, goes to the second. They might have a lil bit spots or those hard wrinkles, or scars or they are a little green or rusty. But if they are too ugly, too small, too big or they have too much going on, they are rubbish. And I need to be careful that I but them in a right place. So usually if I'm not quite sure where I should but them, I just let them roll. And then the line stops and I need to go packing and there they are waiting for me and I just throw them in to the second class haha.

Great. Almost told everything what I need to do. So after my awesome process the oranges goes to the packers. They goes to different lines by their weight and then same size of oranges are packed in the same box. There are also different ways of packing depending their size but usually there are certain amount of them in a bottom, another layer top of them. Then two lightest and the most slippery papers top of them, another layer of oranges and the top layer is wrapped. So you need to wrap every single orange with the paper and voila, the oranges are packed. 

They keep rolling with a box to a glue machine, which glues the bottom of the box and also closes them. Then the stackers checks the stickers on the side of the box which tells how many oranges are in the box and they can lift it to a right palette.

That's pretty much it. Didn't tell every single detail tho but whatever. Now you prob know a lot more about orange packing that you did before. Your welcome!

thank you for reading my blog!

i hope you enjoy reading my stories 

have a great day  :)